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Plan a journey without a map and you will risk getting lost on the way. Your project is no different..

Without a clear focus on what you wish to achieve or clearly defined goals to aim for, your project will undoubtably run into unforeseen problems that can cause stress, delays and additional cost to your project.

You can never plan for the unexpected but with an informed consultation prior to your project starting, you can mitigate potential issues early on.

A consultation aims to focus on the right solution to achieve the best results for your project. This means you get advise on all aspects of your project idea required to make it a success, including technology, team skills, time restraints and potential costs etc.

With this knowledge and understanding from an informed consultation you will be one step closer to achieving what will be best for your project.

Informal Consultation:

Come visit and meet us at a nearby cafe and lets chat. *1

Tell me what you want to achieve and we can discuss potential solutions and we can advise on your next step to get your project up and running.

Formal Consultation:

Formal meeting at a local business centre. *2

Formal consultations usually consist of a half or full day meeting at your office or a business centre where facilities are utilised to deliver the best environment to discuss and brainstorm ideas.

Often additional professional creatives are invited to attend to share their expertise on a specific area of technology or provide inspiration.

Formal consultation results are collated into a final written report, giving you documented information to help guide your projects success.


Not all consultations require in person meetings and in some cases where appropriate we can offer online video calls.

*1 Travel cost and additional time over an hour are chargeable.

*2 Travel cost and time are chargeable.

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We have access to a growing network of creative professionals who are experienced and specialise in all areas of creative media, no project is to big or small.

Want to know the secret to a successful project?

It's not rocket science.. The creative industry is too vast for a traditional team you get in most creative studios to house all the subject specialists required to complete all potential projects.. it's just not logistically or financially possible. What often happens is your project gets adapted into the skillset the studios team have. Though this might be fine for some projects, it can potentially lead to issues on others.

The solution.. enrolling creative 'individuals' specifically for a project to form the perfect team and with todays growing trend to social networking and freelancing, this is becoming more common place then ever before. We hire the perfect creatives to maximise your projects potential.

So how can we help? *3

Usually over a coffee we can discuss your project ideas to highlight initial requirements, then with your consent we will collate:

  • a list of project requirements
  • recommendations of creatives suited to meet your project requirements along with their potential availability

On agreement the creative team will be assembled for a formal meeting to develop a project plan, this will end with a collation of notes to create an initial formal project plan which you can use to track your projects progress.

If your happy with the project plan, the team of creatives will be requested to submit their estimates for their involvement on the project which will be collated and integrated into your initial plan to produce a final version.

The final step will be to initiate the start of the project plan once contracts are signed.

Simple steps to success! Get in contact.


Not all project planning require in person meetings and in some cases where appropriate we can offer online video calls.

*3 All projects are unique and are treated as such. The above guides may vary depending on project size and requirements.


Derek O'Brien Creative Solutions pool of creative specialists also contain experienced lecturers in many subject specialities and most still work within education delivering content to private, public, further and higher education students. Our experience and the network of creatives both in industry and education can provide a wide range of training opportunities whether your an individual or a business looking to train staff.

One to One:


Two hour sessions set within a relaxing and less formal environment. Student would be expected to provide their own laptop and software for the subject being covered.

These sessions suit individuals requiring support or training on a subject to help achieve a specific real world goal, such as learning a specific technique or basic software introduction to complete a project goal.

Training Package

Where individuals have a long term aim to achieve a more proficient level of understanding of a subject, a training package would be more suitable.

An individual training package can be planned and delivered based on individual needs over a set period of time.

Training can take place at any suitable premises and you may request to supply these yourself.


All training is provided within professional environments such as local education or business centres, almost any subject can be covered and all training is provided with a clear training plan, often created specifically for your needs.

Groups are traditionally kept to a maximum of 8 individuals to ensure quality of content delivery and additional instructors can be provided where individuals within the group require more individual specialised support.

Training Days:

Training days open to the public are provided on a first come first served basis, which usually cater for introductory level learners on a wide range of subjects or specialised subjects at experienced industry creatives. These are advertised on the Derek O'Brien Creative Solutions website as well as on social networks.

Groups are traditionally kept to a maximum of 8 individuals to ensure quality of content delivery.