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project terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions have been set through trial and error from past client experiences. Custom terms and conditions can be negotiated if required.

  • A final specification will be detailed before an agreement on price is made. The agreed specification price is final.
  • A 50% deposit will be paid and cleared into 'Derek O'Brien Creative Solutions Limited' (DOBCS Ltd) company bank account before any work starts.
  • The remaining 50% will be paid and cleared before any work is delivered to the client.
  • The final 50% will be billed when all work that meets the project specification has been completed, regardless of any delays out of the control of DOBCS Ltd.
  • All payments to be made to 'Derek O'Brien Creative Solutions Limited' by BACS or Cheque only within 30 days of the invoiced date.
  • DOBCS Ltd does not work to strict deadlines, our work is uniquely crafted and tailored to each client and therefore deadlines have proven to never work effectively. We will however agree start dates and predicted completion dates before any project starts. Efforts will be made to inform the client if the predicted completion date is unachievable at the earliest date possible.
  • It is the clients responsibility to check all work for errors prior to final payment. Any additional work requested after final payment will require a new project specification and budget.
  • Any additional work will be quoted, agreed with the client and the price added to the final 50% fee unless otherwise agreed.
  • The agreed fee is the minimum amount that will be charged irrespective of changes to the specification by the client once the projects starts.
  • Any website project will be built and tested to support modern browsers only unless otherwise agreed prior to the project starting.
  • A rush fee will be applied to any work requested to be finished ahead of any previously agreed predicted completion date. This fee will be negotiated before rush work is started.
  • Paying the first deposit acts as an agreement to the terms and conditions as outlined on this page. In the event no deposit has been specified for a project (rush jobs, returning clients) an acknowledgment via email of reading the terms will be required for each project.
  • Paying the final deposit acts as an agreement that the project in question has been completed with no outstanding work unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  • DOBCS Ltd reserve the right to terminate a project without reason and refund any unused budget.
  • DOBCS Ltd reserve the right to add and/or edit the project terms and conditions without prior notice. Projects will be held to the terms and conditions agreed at the time of the project start date. It is the clients responsibility to maintain a copy of these terms and conditions for there own future reference.

Date: 20th July 2014